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Thigh Lift in Niagara Falls

When fat cells, cellulite and excess skin accumulate on your thighs, this undesired excess can make you look appear heavier than you are and less fit. At Niagara Plastic Surgery & Laser Centre, we know this can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. That is why with our thigh lift procedure, Dr. Huq can help you remedy this sagging skin and improve your overall look and feel of your thighs.

Also known as a thighplasty, this surgical procedure reshapes the thighs by reducing extra skin, and in some cases, even reduce the excess fat. Afterwards, your skin will appear smoother, more proportional and better fit the contours of your lower body.

When to Consider a Thigh Lift?

Some reasons include:

  • Your fitness and weight loss routines have not led to a firmer thigh area

  • Your skin has lost some of the elasticity

  • Saggy or loose skin due to significant weight loss

Call our office today to get started or to find out if a thigh lift is right for you. Free consultations are available.


Enhance Your Appearance

Receive individual care from a certified plastic surgeon.

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