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The Bellesoma Method™ By Dr. Huq

Dr. Huq is trained in the new, breakthrough Bellesoma Method™ and utilizes the technique for all breast augmentation procedures. This method does not produce unsightly vertical scars. Instead, the scars are hidden around the areola and breast crease. It helps transfer the weight from your breast to your chest while lifting and shaping for a beautiful post-surgical appearance. This procedure also preserves the ability to breastfeed.

The Procedure:


  • Excess fat and tissue are removed based on request. New breast mounds are created and lifted higher on the chest.

  • The new breast mounds are secured to the chest muscle to transfer weight and relieve back and shoulder pain.

  • Final sutures are placed around the areola and in the crease of the breast.

  • Surgery is completed with immediately noticeable results. Post-surgical swelling diminishes, and incision lines will fade.

Book a consultation at our Niagara Falls plastic surgery office to discuss your personal goals.


The Bellesoma Method is a breast augmentation technique, and deciding to undergo this procedure should be based on your own desires and goals, not to meet someone else's expectations or to conform to any particular image.

The Bellesoma Method may be a suitable option for you if:


  • You are in good physical health

  • You do not smoke

  • You have a positive outlook and realistic expectations for enhancing your appearance

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