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Dr. Huq and the staff of Niagara Plastic Surgery Centre are proud to be well known for our compassion and dedicated care for our patients. We are especially pleased to receive positive patient responses concerning the treatments they receive, from tummy tucks to hand surgery. We invite you to take a few minutes to read testimonials from some of our former patients. Contact us today to book a consultation with Dr. Huq at our Niagara Falls plastic surgery centre.

The staff of Niagara Plastic Surgery Centre would like to remind our website visitors that the testimonials displayed on our website are for informational purposes only. While these testimonials have been voluntarily provided by former patients, everyone has their own unique physiological makeup and therefore these results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. If you would like a clearer picture of your individual treatment options, please feel free to book a consultation with Dr. Huq at our Niagara Falls plastic surgery centre.

An Amazing Doctor with an Incredibly Warm and Attentive Demeanor

I would like to recommend Dr Huq, and in fact have to many of my friends!! In my experience I have never met such an amazing doctor with an incredibly warm and attentive demeanor. I personally would recommend Dr Huq because I truly believe him to be an outstanding doctor and surgeon.

Mary J.

November 15, 2016

My Finger is Now Straight and I have Zero Pain!

I just wanted to thank you again for fixing my finger. I was unable to write, wash my hair, do dishes (Not that I washed dishes before I crushed my finger lol). My finger is now straight and I have zero pain! I'm now able to do everything again. I'm so thankful for you and the great job you did fixing my finger. Tell your mother she should be very proud of you.

Lilli M.

May 2, 2013

Tummy Tuck: Positive Process and Successful Result

The process of having a tummy tuck, was one that required a lot of thought for me. I struggled with the look of my stomach after my three kids, but was not sure it was the best use of our money, I wondered what people would think...and so the thoughts went. After the consultation at Dr. Huq's office, the process was explained, my questions were answered, and I was told numerous times that I could call or email with any questions anytime. So I booked a date, and had my surgery. :)

It was a great success, my stomach (I am sure) is better than it was when I was a teenager!!! The care, and time and expertise that Dr. Huq and his staff showed were so amazing. I would, in a heartbeat recommend, and encourage anyone who was looking to get any type of "work" done to see Dr. Huq, and his team! You would not be disappointed!


April 16, 2012

Thank You for Personal Care

Thank you very much for taking such great care of me. It was a long, scary journey...but through it all I knew I was in great hands. You were professional, sincere and dedicated to my health and recovery. Also, you made me feel great on a personal level; always remembering my children and offering advice to my husband. Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work!!! You are amazing.


December 2011

New Look and New Self-Confidence

I am a 48 year old mother of three boys all in their 20's.

I have been contemplating having a tummy tuck for the last ten years. The only thing that was holding me back was the thought of going under general anaesthetic. I was concerned about the risks and possible complications associated with it.

When I saw Dr. Huq on CHCH news explaining an abdominoplasty procedure using local anaesthetic, I knew I had found the surgeon for me.

My entire experience was wonderful. Dr. Huq put my mind completely at ease and answered all of my questions. The surgery was without any complications and the results were awesome.

I can't believe I have my "body back". I no longer have to allow extra room for my "kangaroo pouch" when buying clothes and I have a new self-confidence. Even though he claims it "never bothered him," my husband is also extremely pleased with my new look.

I would recommend Dr. Huq and his wonderful staff to anyone thinking about having this surgery. I am so glad that I finally did it and can now look forward to enjoying the "new me."


November 23, 2011

Tummy Tuck under Local Anaesthetic

Dr. Huq performed my tummy tuck under a local anaesthetic. I did not have to be put to sleep which alleviated a lot of anxiety about the procedure. Dr Huq and the nurses at the hospital were wonderful and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire procedure. The office staff was fantastic before and after the surgery. I am thrilled with the results. My tummy is smooth and firm. I've been able to wear the same string bikinis that I wore before having three children without having to worry about the scar! I wish I had had it done years ago!


June 6, 2011

Skilled Surgeon and Excellent Treatment

Dr. Huq & Staff:

I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent treatment I received with my recent facial surgery. I really appreciate your skill in performing the procedure and I am extremely pleased with the results.


January 27, 2011

Appreciation for Dr. Huq

With warm appreciation for all you've given of your time, your energy and yourself. Thank you for making a difference in my life. Lots and lots of 'Huqs'!


September 7, 2010

Surgery Saved My Hand

I really want express my sincere appreciation for you and your talent. Another few mm and I would have lost my whole hand. Most important was that I did this when you were available to fix it. God seems to oversee stupid people like me! I simply want to thank so very much for your dedication and talent. Your confidence and good humour left me comfortable and assured that my thumb was safe in your hands.


August 24, 2010

Compassionate Care from Consultation to Follow-Up

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the excellent care and compassion you showed me during my recent surgery. This was shown by the manner in which you handled the initial consultation, advocated for me when the hospital didn't want me to stay overnight and followed up with a call from your home just before Christmas to check on me a week later.

Also, a thank you to Vikki for her excellent follow-up care and patient handling of my questions. In addition, your office staff was always polite and pleasant and willing to be of help, which is not always the case in other practices. When I was worried about a possible infection, they fit me in promptly, and, thankfully, you assured me that I was fine.

Undergoing a procedure such as mine was a scary thing to do, and you made it one which I do not regret, and would recommend to others who may be considering plastic surgery.


March 15, 2010

The 'Huq Tuck

He should definitely market the “Huq Tuck”! :)


January 20, 2010

Dr. Huq Shows Interest in His Patients

Dr. Huq made me feel very comfortable. He is easy to talk to and does not rush you through. He shows interest.


December 3, 2009

Good Outcome with Hand Surgery

I love the fact there was a cancellation list in place for appointments, as well as, surgery. I was done two months ahead of original appointment and happy with the outcome. Thank you.


November 20, 2009

Affordable OptimumLIFT Mini Lift

I researched for over a year and decided on Dr. Huq to do my mini lift even though he is a two hour drive away and I have six plastic surgeons right in my own city. The main reason was that I DID not want general anaesthesia. I WAS SO IMPRESSED with Dr. Huq the first time I met him that I knew that this was the guy that I wanted to do my facelift. He is SO CONFIDENT and ENTHUSIATIC about his own version of the mini lift (the OptimumLIFT) and he truly believes that the average wage earner like me should be able to afford a facelift. He suggested including an eyelift too to get a totally refreshed look but he DID NOT pressure me into including it. Well I got the lift, the eyelids done and a little lipo under my chin for under $9,000 with just local freezing and light oral sedation, and the procedure was painless, and the results are INCREDIBLE! I am still healing, but I can tell the eye scars will totally disappear and I can't even find the facelift scars. Dr. Huq is an ARTIST! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

J. A.

September 11, 2009

Wonderful Staff and Aftercare

The whole staff is wonderful :) Thanks for all your help with my questions, surgery and aftercare.


September 10, 2009

Happy Results and Positive Comments

I'm very happy with the results and especially comments I get from people who haven't seen me in a few years!


August 14, 2009

Motivation to Lose Weight before Lipo

Thank you, Dr. Huq, for the fantastic lipo surgery you recently did for me. I'm very excited with the results. Your cheerful personality and encouragement to do my part and lose weight before surgery was the motivation I needed, and to date I have lost 25 lbs. I feel healthier and have more energy to enjoy life. You and your staff have been wonderful, always so pleasant and helpful. I would like to thank all of you for making me so happy.


June 29, 2009

Regained Health and Self-Esteem

Staff are very efficient and friendly – they make you feel welcomed. Dr. Huq does wonderful plastic surgery. He has helped me regain my health and self-esteem. Life is good.


June 3, 2009

Dr. Huq’s Line of Skin Care Products

I used to spend hundreds of dollars on department store products for skin care. I thought I was happy with them, until Dr. Huq recommended his line of products. I was amazed with the actual results after only three months. My sun spots were gone. My skin was brighter, smoother and radiant. It even got rid of fine lines around my eyes. My friends noticed the difference and wanted to know what I was doing. They had no idea it was as simple as skin care products – three of my friends are now using them too. Thank you Dr. Huq!


May 1, 2009

Helpful Healing after Car Accident

Thank you for such excellent care. You made a terrible situation bearable. It really did make the long road to healing a smooth ride after my car accident.


March 15, 2009

Confidence in Surgery and Aftercare

I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Huq. His bedside manner was excellent. I had full confidence in him before my surgery and was extremely happy with the aftercare and the final results. Thank you Dr. Huq!


January 29, 2009

My Skin Is Vibrant

I am thrilled with the results of the skin care products I have been using that Dr. Huq recommended. I used to wash with soap and water - that's it! I never needed to use anything else. Now that I'm using Dr. Huq's products my friends notice a big difference. My skin is vibrant! Now they're using them too!


January 28, 2009

Like Me but 20 Years Younger

Dr. Huq is a genius. His office face and neck lift is amazing. I was considering surgery for years but did not want a risky general anaesthetic. I had leathery, wrinkled neck that I thought was just scaring my grandkids. One of them would even come up to me and grab the turkey waddle under my chin and flap it around. All of the surgery was done in Dr. Huq's office and I was able to just walk in and walk out. I hardly had any pain. My family is amazed. They said I look just like me, only 20 years younger. I have been so pleased with Dr. Huq and his office staff. The girls are dynamite. I recommend Dr. Huq very highly.

Linda K.

January 28, 2009

Looking Younger and Rested

It was the best decision I've ever made. I look 10 years younger. My friends and family say I look terrific. I was amazed that it only took a few hours in the clinic. I had my procedure done on a Tuesday and was out for lunch with friends on Saturday! They couldn't believe how much younger and rested that I looked. I definitely recommend this procedure.


September 5, 2008

Great Plastic Surgeon in Niagara

Dr. Huq did an amazing job for me. I had the OptimumLIFT and was very pleased with the results. I had a few days of down time, a bit of bruising and soreness, but I was so impressed with the results that I would do it again in a minute. The girls in the office were great and I could call at any time with any questions that I had. There is no need to go all the way to Toronto or the states for any cosmetic surgery as we have a great doctor right here in Niagara. I would confidently recommend him to anyone who is looking to feel better about their appearance. Thank you Doctor Huq!!!


July 22, 2008

Breast Reduction to Ease Back Pain

Dr. Huq does a great job with breast reductions, especially with liposuction. They moved up, are firm and look great. I should have done this years ago. My back thanks him so much. We need more doctors like him.


July 22, 2008

OptimumLIFT Is Amazing

Dr. Huq's OptimumLIFT is amazing. There were only a few days of down time and hardly any bruising. There was really no pain the next day and it was half the cost of a full facelift!


July 22, 2008

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